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So this is gonna get personal, right? Well the last 10 years of my life my stomach has been bloated and distended so bad I thought something was wrong with me. Trying on clothes.. Ugh! Not a good idea. Not to mention my bathroom visits (number2) were non existent. I was getting acne, something I had never had before not even as a teenager. I felt like I had gas all the time, trapped even in my stomach. Yuck! This was my life, right…?

How did I figure out it was dairy? So my husband says one day, “I think you may be lactose intolerant.” Now as I usually do when he says something like that, I brush it off. Then my mother, who suffers with same symptoms, about 6 months later suggests, “I wonder if we are lactose intolerant.” So now I’m paying attention, and start doing my research of how to know if you are lactose intolerant.

So what is lactose intolerance I asked myself? So I learn lactose is an enzyme in fresh dairy, and our bodies have to break it down. So when we break it down we need to make lactase in our digestive system. This is the problem, we may not be able to make either any lactase or enough to keep up with our dairy intake. Thus we have bloating, discomfort, etc.
So back to my account…
At this point, I still have to be sure that lactose intolerance is what my problem is, of course. So I decided to remove all dairy from my diet for 2 weeks to see if it was true. Two weeks later, I knew I couldn’t eat dairy anymore without considering the lactose factor!!

Here’s what changed:
1.) My acne cleared up… No I don’t just mean a few pimples. I’m talking about huge cystic acne on my face, and bad spells of acne on my back. Cleared!!
2.) Belly bloat all gone… Wow my jeans snap comfortably.. No more feeling uncomfortable in the middle, or being distended. I actually feel like going into a fitting room in a department store now.
3.) Gas issues resolved… No more late night belly aches. No more pain from feeling like my insides were ripping. I could actually not try to make myself burp or belch for relief. I know, gross right?
4.)Hello bathroom.. It’s been awhile. I’m very regular now. Bowel movements should be daily. Almost as much as my husband. Feeling great!
5.) No more fatigue. This was a real surprise to me, I had no idea dairy was doing this to me. I finally have energy, and a get up and go for activity.

So now what? Well I drink silk, almond milk, vanilla flavored. No ice cream, sorbet only please. Eat my yoplait lactose free yogurt, and try to only eat hard cheeses. There are always sneaky dairy sources, but I found that taking out major dairy sources was enough to resolve my problem. Others though, may need to take it out completely.

What about you? Are you suffering from any of these symptoms? I know many people do, and don’t even realize they have a problem with lactose. If you think it may be a possibility, try to leave out the major dairy sources for a week or two. How do you feel? Notice a change? I suspect many women in particular would benefit from trying this.

You can also be tested by your family doctor, and this is really the best way to find out. Some people actually have such a lactose intolerance they actually have to take lactase. So keep this in mind also.

Maybe we can all feel better, look better, and button our jeans… A girl can only try!



Okay, so if you’re like me you are a little overweight and are trying to get in shape. Only to realize that if you do anything vigorous you are too big to escape chaffing. What’s a girl to do? No one really wants to work out anyway and then you have this bump in the road, no pun intended.

So I run, and running and a little chub don’t mix. I was starting to chafe in my thighs, then my arms, and then of course the dreaded under the bra! Ugh! So I have a few tips from my bad experiences to help all the ladies that need a little exercise without the irritation.

Wear The Right Shorts… So I’ve found that my running shorts (more like capris) need to be at least knee length, and tight. No You Can’t Wear The Cute Shorts the Skinny Girls Wear! Usually the more expensive they are the better, though I have a pair from Wally World, Danski with a sweat technology for $14, what a deal!

No Running or Vigorous Exercise in Tank Tops or Sports Bras, without having a shirt over the sports bra with sleeves. If you’re like me your arms are too chubby to be touching while running. Don’t even try.

Have a Great Sports Bra with Sweat Technology. No They are not always cheap, but our girls will thank us for it later. Then remember, no matter how tempted you are to keep wearing your workout gear, to clean or sit in, DON’T! Get out of those sweaty clothes or you will end up with Uncle Fungi in your unspeakable areas. Then you have a whole different set of issues.

Remember that A Cheap Antiperspirent Deodorant Is Your Friend.You can place this in your whole inner thigh area, upper inner arm, under your bra, or wherever you sweat bad. Just buy an extra cheap unscented antiperspirent for this use only. Keeps you dry.

Keep up the good routine of getting fit, and don’t let chaffing slow you down!

So did you know you can use your chapstick for other things? I didn’t, but I soon found out. Now I will share with all you ladies who love to find tricks to ease your beauty routine and make your life simpler.

  1. You can use it for a scratched CD or DVD! That’s right, you don’t have to throw it away… just put chapstick all over the cd, focusing on the scratches, get it coated well. Then take a soft cloth and buff away… the chapstick will fill an any minor scratches and viola! It works again. You’ll be hearing the sounds of Barry White in no time.
  2. As a heel guard on those flats! Even on those too snug heels.. Just put a generous coating of chapstick on the back of your heel and slip those babies on! Dance the night away…no bllisters for you. Just remember to do this BEFORE you start wearing your shoes.
  3. For a sore and chapped nose. Think about it why wouldn’t it work to soothe your nose? It does your lips. If the gross factor is there… just make sure you have a clean hand and swipe a generous enough amount onto one finger for both nostrils, and NO Double Dipping. Your nose will feel better instantly and the chapstick will stay to keep soothing your sore nostrils.

Who knew there were so many uses? There are probably many more…Chapstick updates coming soon!

How did this happen? My roots are red and my hair is a rich brown, Not What I Paid For!! To say the least, I was upset. I didn’t notice it while I was at the salon, so I paid and tipped as usual. It wasn’t until I went to pick up my 9 year-old sister, who is brutally honest as kids are, that I realized there was a problem.

“I said do you like my hair sis?” She says, “well it’s kind of a different color here at the top.” Immediately I’m panicked, thinking now what. I wait until I can look at it thoroughly in my mirror, before I decide what to do. In the meantime, I ask my husband if he notices the different colors, and he does. Now I know it is a problem, because as every woman knows men don’t recognize much.

So do I call the salon to get it fixed? I started debating at this point of what to do, because I hate being a nuisance. However I did pay $100 for this two-toned hair, and I do need a professional to fix it. Nervously I call the salon, explain the problem, as nice as I can. Trying not to sound as panicked as I really was, I tried to use understanding terms, such as “my hair pulls red anyways” and “it does it all the time”. To be honest it really does, if I do it myself!! So they make me an appointment for the next day. I just keep thinking, I don’t want to be charged for this.

I’ve always been told you can catch more flies with honey than you can vinegar. I was upset mind you, but I wanted to make sure to get a good fix this time around too.Keeping in mind I didn’t want to be charged for this either, and even professionals make mistakes. So I was as sweet as I could be to my hairdresser, she looked at it and then told me, “Yes, and I’m glad you came in so soon, so we can fix it”.

She puts a toner on my roots, and after a rinse, my hair was one color root to tip. So after I step up from the chair she says “Your paid for today, you owe nothing”. I thanked her, and despite the return trip, I decided to tip her. In deciding to tip, I was thinking of how nice she was with not trying to charge me again. Also I realized she used her time and energy to fix it, she deserved a tip.

The lesson ladies, don’t be afraid to call your salon to get your hair fixed. Remember to tip again if they fix your hair, and are kind to you.

Are you one of those people who suffers from disgusting toenail fungus? You are not alone, I was too. Many people have it, and are looking for a fix. I noticed it a few years ago, so of course I made an appointment with a podiatrist, foot doctor. He put me on a pill, which was outrageously expensive, and had horrible long term side effects. So I tried this, and of course it did not work. I decided to look on the Internet and I discovered many other people had this issue with their nails. So I tried one of the remedies I ran across, bleach. In order for this to work you have to daily apply this to each toenail until the fungus is gone. The nail grows out 6-8 months, so endurance is key. Stick with it.

Here is what I did: I bought a small bottle of bleach to just leave in my bathroom for convenience. I waited until fall, October, to take off the nail polish from my toes. Once I took my first shower, you could just soak your feet in warm water too, I was able to start with the bleach. The goal of the warm water is to soften the nail and make it more porous, allowing the bleach to penetrate to the nail bed where the fungus actually lives. If your nail is really thick, I would suggest filling the top down to make the nail thinner, to ensure the bleach can get through the nail. I used a Q-tip wet with bleach as soon as I stepped out of the shower, everyday. Some days I would apply it twice. Making sure the nail was able to grow out, and clipping them as short as I could, I did this for 6 months. The goal is to kill the fungus with the bleach and clip the fungus nail off. By May my toes looked great!

The bleach makes them look better after about a month, but remember to keep applying it or the fungus will be right back!

So here is your fix it, for the price of a small jug of bleach.. about 3 bucks! I can’t tell you how relieved I am to see those normal nails when I remove my polish, and I hope you can say that soon!

Yes! Yes! Red lipstick is totally sexy. Why do we feel that it is too much in the mirror? Because it is so dramatic. That is the appeal of the color. You can change a drab day, average outfit, and your confidence by that little swipe of Brick. Just don’t forget to blot, blot, blot!!! What’s the best outfit for red lipstick? Any outfit… jeans and a white tee are a great start. You can then gloss it or wear it matte. Fall is all about the red lips. Actually red lips are a classic that will never go away. Just remember not every shade is flattering, so be flexible you may need to try on different colors. I usually will mix my different colors with my red until I get the color I want. So put it on, and strut your stuff.

We’ve all seen them, the lady with a full beard. What is up with that? Okay so everyone gets unwanted facial hair, but why are some of us letting it go? Hey lady, you know we can see your five o’clock shadow, right? Then why is it there? Maybe we should try to take a little more pride in the way we look. Even in the professional world they are sporting the bristles. There are so many ways to remove that ladies, and some of the ways are permanent. We do see that beard. We all get the facial hair, and have to find a way to deal. Either we wax, epilate, nair, shave (the worst way if you ask me) bleach, etc. If the facial hair is as bad as being mistaken as a man, the best choice may be electrolysis. Expensive? Yes, but well worth it. It takes several treatments and is costly, but how much is your cofidence in your appearance worth? Let’s all keep up with our facial hair grooming ladies, the world will thank us for it. So will that sexy reflection in the mirror.



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