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The Best Mascara

Posted on: August 15, 2012

Okay, So I’ve used lots of mascara in my time. Cheap tubes and expensive ones alike. The expensive ones well, they are not cheap for one. They don’t make your lashes Kim Kardashians either. The less expensive mascara, is well cheap. You can’t get it to stay on your lashes for nothing. As for lengthening or volumizing, you could probably make something better in your kitchen. Not to mention the fact that later you’ll have it on your cheeks and not your lashes. So I’ve tried some mascara, and my very favorite is Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara in Black. I first discovered it when I noticed my friends lashes in high school were actually touching her eyebrows. Wow!! I said “Look At Your Lashes “. She says I have to try this new mascara she was using, “it’s awesome”. So I tried it, and it really worked. Love at first sight. I have tried others since, having little money to spend, and they never last in my makeup case longer than a week. Then I find a way to buy my Lash Beautyfying mascara again, and all is well. Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara, I love you.


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