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Women and Facial Hair

Posted on: August 15, 2012

We’ve all seen them, the lady with a full beard. What is up with that? Okay so everyone gets unwanted facial hair, but why are some of us letting it go? Hey lady, you know we can see your five o’clock shadow, right? Then why is it there? Maybe we should try to take a little more pride in the way we look. Even in the professional world they are sporting the bristles. There are so many ways to remove that ladies, and some of the ways are permanent. We do see that beard. We all get the facial hair, and have to find a way to deal. Either we wax, epilate, nair, shave (the worst way if you ask me) bleach, etc. If the facial hair is as bad as being mistaken as a man, the best choice may be electrolysis. Expensive? Yes, but well worth it. It takes several treatments and is costly, but how much is your cofidence in your appearance worth? Let’s all keep up with our facial hair grooming ladies, the world will thank us for it. So will that sexy reflection in the mirror.


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