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Chapstick: More Than One Use

Posted on: August 17, 2012

So did you know you can use your chapstick for other things? I didn’t, but I soon found out. Now I will share with all you ladies who love to find tricks to ease your beauty routine and make your life simpler.

  1. You can use it for a scratched CD or DVD! That’s right, you don’t have to throw it away… just put chapstick all over the cd, focusing on the scratches, get it coated well. Then take a soft cloth and buff away… the chapstick will fill an any minor scratches and viola! It works again. You’ll be hearing the sounds of Barry White in no time.
  2. As a heel guard on those flats! Even on those too snug heels.. Just put a generous coating of chapstick on the back of your heel and slip those babies on! Dance the night away…no bllisters for you. Just remember to do this BEFORE you start wearing your shoes.
  3. For a sore and chapped nose. Think about it why wouldn’t it work to soothe your nose? It does your lips. If the gross factor is there… just make sure you have a clean hand and swipe a generous enough amount onto one finger for both nostrils, and NO Double Dipping. Your nose will feel better instantly and the chapstick will stay to keep soothing your sore nostrils.

Who knew there were so many uses? There are probably many more…Chapstick updates coming soon!


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