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How to Prevent Chaffing From Exercise?

Posted on: August 17, 2012

Okay, so if you’re like me you are a little overweight and are trying to get in shape. Only to realize that if you do anything vigorous you are too big to escape chaffing. What’s a girl to do? No one really wants to work out anyway and then you have this bump in the road, no pun intended.

So I run, and running and a little chub don’t mix. I was starting to chafe in my thighs, then my arms, and then of course the dreaded under the bra! Ugh! So I have a few tips from my bad experiences to help all the ladies that need a little exercise without the irritation.

Wear The Right Shorts… So I’ve found that my running shorts (more like capris) need to be at least knee length, and tight. No You Can’t Wear The Cute Shorts the Skinny Girls Wear! Usually the more expensive they are the better, though I have a pair from Wally World, Danski with a sweat technology for $14, what a deal!

No Running or Vigorous Exercise in Tank Tops or Sports Bras, without having a shirt over the sports bra with sleeves. If you’re like me your arms are too chubby to be touching while running. Don’t even try.

Have a Great Sports Bra with Sweat Technology. No They are not always cheap, but our girls will thank us for it later. Then remember, no matter how tempted you are to keep wearing your workout gear, to clean or sit in, DON’T! Get out of those sweaty clothes or you will end up with Uncle Fungi in your unspeakable areas. Then you have a whole different set of issues.

Remember that A Cheap Antiperspirent Deodorant Is Your Friend.You can place this in your whole inner thigh area, upper inner arm, under your bra, or wherever you sweat bad. Just buy an extra cheap unscented antiperspirent for this use only. Keeps you dry.

Keep up the good routine of getting fit, and don’t let chaffing slow you down!


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