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Okay, So I’ve used lots of mascara in my time. Cheap tubes and expensive ones alike. The expensive ones well, they are not cheap for one. They don’t make your lashes Kim Kardashians either. The less expensive mascara, is well cheap. You can’t get it to stay on your lashes for nothing. As for lengthening or volumizing, you could probably make something better in your kitchen. Not to mention the fact that later you’ll have it on your cheeks and not your lashes. So I’ve tried some mascara, and my very favorite is Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara in Black. I first discovered it when I noticed my friends lashes in high school were actually touching her eyebrows. Wow!! I said “Look At Your Lashes “. She says I have to try this new mascara she was using, “it’s awesome”. So I tried it, and it really worked. Love at first sight. I have tried others since, having little money to spend, and they never last in my makeup case longer than a week. Then I find a way to buy my Lash Beautyfying mascara again, and all is well. Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara, I love you.


Okay, so I’ve had my weight battles since Junior Year in High School when I started receiving depo shots, we’ll talk about that another time. I went up 30 lbs and then switched to the birth control pill, down 15lbs. Then on the pill, everything from ortho cyclen to ortho tri cyclen low, gained back the 15lbs. So by this time I’m married, and after a long discussion with my husband decide to stop the pill. So then I start eating healthy, even doing weight watchers for some time. Started walking 2 miles, then running up to 3 miles a day. And within 10 months I lost every extra pound, so I’m celebrating, right?? Yes. Then I let the weight watchers system go, I was eating healthier and I had surpassed my goal weight. I was really happy, and felt good. A year passes and I’ve gained back 10lbs, no biggy. Still looked good, working out regularly and eating well. So then another year passes, and I’ve only gained another 3lbs.. I’m doing great as long as I work out right. So in the meantime, due to reconstructing our home, I develop severe allergies. I’m coughing, sneezing, and having sinus infections every few months. So I go to an allergist, who does an allergy test on me. Which of course, I’m allergic to everything so the doc decides I have to start allergy shots to see any relief. The catch is however, to see real relief I have to stay on top of the shots which have to be continued for up to 5yrs, maybe longer. This is February of 2010, and I weigh 135lbs. So I begin the shots and continue up to this day. Within the last 2 years, since January of 2011, I’ve noticed my weight getting out of control again. So here I go getting strict with my exercising, I buy an elliptical, because of course its winter. I start working out intensely on the elliptical for 30-45 minutes a day 5 to 6 days a week. No weight loss. Then I start dieting, sticking to a 1200 calorie diet. Did this for 4 months. No weight loss. Okay, so now I’m thinking well maybe the elliptical doesn’t work well for my body, so I start doing other at home exercises. By this time it’s summer, so I start running again 1-2 miles for about 3 days a week also. January of this year I weighed in at 158lbs, whoa….here we go again. On the elliptical 30 minutes, on the treadmill 30 minutes, then floor exercises, and so on for at least 4-5 days a week. In may I have a visit to the allergy doctor, weighed in at 156lbs. Now I’m really thinking something is wrong with me. So I increase my distance running to 3 to 4 miles a day, about 5 to 6 days a week. No weight loss. Do new weight watchers for a month, no weight loss. Help Me. I go to my family physician in July I explain to him everything, and tell him I think it could be my allergy shots. Of course he tells me there are no statistics that show weight gain can be caused by the allergy shots. So he orders a test of my thyroid and my hormones. Weight during the appointment: 161lbs. I have the tests taken care of, and of course everything is normal. Now I decide to call the allergy doc again, I get the receptionist on the line. I tell her I’d like for you to tell me my weight when I started receiving allergy shots and my weight from May of this year. She says I’ll check and call you back. So 2 days later, I get a phone call from the nurse telling me, not the weight like I asked, but that if I take any Zyrtec for my allergies, which I did only once a month mind you when I received my shots LIKE THEY TOLD ME TO, to stop because it causes increased appetite. Then she says “allergy shots in no way cause weight gain.” Well I’ve decided that they do, maybe not for everyone, but just like the other medications in the past, they cause this girl to gain weight. So my last shot was the beginning of August and I am hoping to start losing from here on out. Stay tuned. I will follow up in a few months with any progress.

Hey I’m 27 year old female, who loves to learn and share fashion tips. I have decided to start blogging to share some of the tips with the public. When it comes to Beauty, no topic is off limit. I love fashion, hair, and do it yourself tips. I love to try at home inexpensive techniques for everything from makeup to hair, etc. I look forward to sharing these with you, and I really look forward to your comments.

Happy blogging!



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