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So this is gonna get personal, right? Well the last 10 years of my life my stomach has been bloated and distended so bad I thought something was wrong with me. Trying on clothes.. Ugh! Not a good idea. Not to mention my bathroom visits (number2) were non existent. I was getting acne, something I had never had before not even as a teenager. I felt like I had gas all the time, trapped even in my stomach. Yuck! This was my life, right…?

How did I figure out it was dairy? So my husband says one day, “I think you may be lactose intolerant.” Now as I usually do when he says something like that, I brush it off. Then my mother, who suffers with same symptoms, about 6 months later suggests, “I wonder if we are lactose intolerant.” So now I’m paying attention, and start doing my research of how to know if you are lactose intolerant.

So what is lactose intolerance I asked myself? So I learn lactose is an enzyme in fresh dairy, and our bodies have to break it down. So when we break it down we need to make lactase in our digestive system. This is the problem, we may not be able to make either any lactase or enough to keep up with our dairy intake. Thus we have bloating, discomfort, etc.
So back to my account…
At this point, I still have to be sure that lactose intolerance is what my problem is, of course. So I decided to remove all dairy from my diet for 2 weeks to see if it was true. Two weeks later, I knew I couldn’t eat dairy anymore without considering the lactose factor!!

Here’s what changed:
1.) My acne cleared up… No I don’t just mean a few pimples. I’m talking about huge cystic acne on my face, and bad spells of acne on my back. Cleared!!
2.) Belly bloat all gone… Wow my jeans snap comfortably.. No more feeling uncomfortable in the middle, or being distended. I actually feel like going into a fitting room in a department store now.
3.) Gas issues resolved… No more late night belly aches. No more pain from feeling like my insides were ripping. I could actually not try to make myself burp or belch for relief. I know, gross right?
4.)Hello bathroom.. It’s been awhile. I’m very regular now. Bowel movements should be daily. Almost as much as my husband. Feeling great!
5.) No more fatigue. This was a real surprise to me, I had no idea dairy was doing this to me. I finally have energy, and a get up and go for activity.

So now what? Well I drink silk, almond milk, vanilla flavored. No ice cream, sorbet only please. Eat my yoplait lactose free yogurt, and try to only eat hard cheeses. There are always sneaky dairy sources, but I found that taking out major dairy sources was enough to resolve my problem. Others though, may need to take it out completely.

What about you? Are you suffering from any of these symptoms? I know many people do, and don’t even realize they have a problem with lactose. If you think it may be a possibility, try to leave out the major dairy sources for a week or two. How do you feel? Notice a change? I suspect many women in particular would benefit from trying this.

You can also be tested by your family doctor, and this is really the best way to find out. Some people actually have such a lactose intolerance they actually have to take lactase. So keep this in mind also.

Maybe we can all feel better, look better, and button our jeans… A girl can only try!





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